Real estate training and technology adoption need not be a time consuming or painful process. For any brokerage firm looking to streamline their operations by utilizing new web based software solutions, it can be a wobbly path in the beginning. You are likely wondering how it’s going to be worthy of your time and your agents are likely skeptical of maintaining their job performance after the implementation of real estate cloud computing software.
We’ve put together the following tips to make the transition of software adoption easier for you. Understanding how to implement real estate training and technology software into your existing routines makes a significant difference on your success rates. We understand you look to streamline your processes and this will also help explain how to get successful results with the software adoption long-term.

Real Estate Training and Technology Tips
Tip #1 – Your Business & Your Goals
To start with, you need to consider your business and identify exactly what your needs are. Perhaps it is a paperless system? This is the only way to find the ideal solution; if you don’t know what you need, how do you expect to resolve it?

Tip #2 – Plan the Implementation Process
Once you’re decided to try the software, it’s time to implement it. Your agents will need to be informed of the new software adoption, however your plan should be created and ready first. Make the process a step-by-step so as to make it user-friendlier.

Tip #3 – Choose a Select Number of Agents to Start With
As we just mentioned, your agents will need to be informed so they’re aware of the new adoption, however we recommend selecting a small number of agents to start with first. Have a small group try the new paperless system first, before you ask all agents to use it.

Tip #4 – Testing in Small Steps
Do a few tests by running a few transactions to determine what still needs tweaking or adjusting. You can then act on such adjustments to get it just right so you can start benefiting from it instead of wasting time and becoming frustrated.

Tip #5 – Invite the Remaining Agents When It’s Ready
After you have spent some time letting a small group of agents test and use the software, and have done all the tweaking necessary to get it just right, invite the remaining agents. Explain the software and benefits and provide the step-by-step process. Have the agents that tested the software help others learn the new system.

Tip #6 – Ongoing Webinars to Ensure Success
Your software provider can offer help with on-going webinars; we recommend a series of 2-5 at the least. You can include a brief tutorial for agents about the software and include short tutorials and ad-hoc training so they’re easily accessible to agents.
It doesn’t take a lot of searching to figure out just how to grow your real estate business and using software that puts your real estate in the cloud can help you do just that.

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