It’s been quite a busy month for us, as we have changed a lot of things behind the scenes to allow further growth and scalability of the system. This gives us an opportunity to implement new amazing functions, a few of which will be released within a couple of weeks, including: configurable transaction list, transaction indicators, branding and whitelable!
In addition to the global restructuring of the system, we introduced a few updates that are already available in Brokermint:

  • Activity Log is now included to transaction backup. We automatically save all time-stamped records from the Activity Log as a well-formatted PDF and add it to your transaction archive. If you already have closed transactions, you can re-download the archive to have the Activity Log in it.
  • New help section that is now embedded to the product. We re-recorded all video guides so they are more thorough and easy to understand. If you need a hand, just click on the “?” next to the page title and our help section will automatically show up. New users can familiarize themselves with the system in a few minutes and can do this whenever they have a little free time 🙂 The other option how you can access video guides is to click on the support toolbar and select the Tutorials option. If you want to ask your questions online, then use the Chat option and get help within seconds.
  • Save Disbursement Form and Commission Statement as PDF. When you generated either of them, there is the “Save as PDF” button on the screen, click on it to save as PDF.
  • Email Disbursement Form and Commission statement from the system. You can email CDA / Commission statement, open the form and click on the “Email” button, then enter recipient and send. All outgoing emails are automatically logged under the Activity Log section.
  • Updated the system to support “Back” button and don’t hide the navigation panel.
  • Aligned format of all monetary values to have two decimals (ex: $14.01)
The only reason why we introduced the updates listed above is because you continuously send us your feedback. We take all requests very seriously, analyze them, add them to our product roadmap and then implement them.
Every idea that you share makes a difference, and makes this tool better for you!

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