Your Real Estate File Management has never been easier.

Just drag-n-drop your files to your transactions. Enjoy the unlimited storage.

Unsorted Documents
The “Unsorted Documents” folder is designed to simplify the way you add documents to the system. You can keep an unlimited number of files here, and assign them to your checklist as needed.
Let’s take a closer look at how it works…
Step 1. Upload.
Open any of your transactions and just “drag-n-drop” your files into your browser. It’s that simple! After uploading your files, you can keep them here – for example, you can keep property pictures in this folder – or you can start assigning them to your checklist tasks.
Step 2. Assign.
To assign an uploaded document to a task, select the document, click on the “Assign” button, and select the task you wish to assign it to. Once assigned, the document will disappear from this list. All actions completed in the “Unsorted Documents” folder are logged for compliance purposes.
Product Roadmap
In our next release, we will be adding the split or merge PDF documents functionality. Learn more about these upcoming features here.

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