We’ve changed the way you manage checklists, starting today you can:

  • Assign multiple checklists
  • Rename a checklist
  • Void a checklist
  • Delete a checklist:
    • move all files to the unsorted documents folder
    • remove all files
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Agents have lots of listings and responsibilities to keep track of. Now, advanced checklist management (specialized for real estate) software is a growing service due to its economical cost and portability. The easiest way to assign, rename, void and delete checklists for real estate agents can be utilized through the system by Brokermint.

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Checklist Management Software Available Now

Managing tasks related to real estate transactions is a key component of true productivity for the agent. By being able to have a single place to organize, time stamp, archive and edit paperwork files is a huge time saver for most agents!Due to the sheer number of responsibilities, even checklists can get out of hand.  For each step in the real estate transaction process, Brokermint utilizes multiple checklists to make the whole process easy to use. Managing checklists efficiently is a large asset provided to you by using this service.
Imagine having 100 property listings all in various stages of completion. The time spent just trying to decipher checklists that are organized in regular paper files is immense.  It is so incredibly easy to file a paper checklist into the wrong file folder and lose it.  It is much harder to lose a file within the system of Brokermint because the files can be searched so easily.
Brokermint makes real estate task management so incredibly useful that you’ll wonder why you did not go with this option sooner. Maybe you were afraid of the change or even losing data.  Whatever the reason, cloud based services and data storage has proven to be very effective for getting the job done.

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