Making Smart Decisions Based on Real-Time Data 

In today’s real estate market, information is key to your business success. You need to be able to use information to act fast and capitalize on opportunities – and know what’s working and what’s not working. However, lack of visibility into the entire real estate process – from customer leads to close – is hindering your ability to make the best business decisions. What’s more, switching between multiple systems is frustrating, and manual data entry wastes time and is subject to errors.  

Brokermint and LionDesk understand the importance of having visibility into the entire real estate process, and realize what kind of an impact this can have on your brokerage. This is why the partnership gives you a powerful leads management and back office solution that brings together two of the most powerful technologies together in one easy to manage platform. 

Now you can report and run analytics on a “lead to close” system with the Brokermint and LionDesk technology partnership – connecting our proven systems to comprehensively manage leads, clients and transactions! With LionDesk real estate CRM technology, and Brokermint’s back office transaction management system, your real estate office can run seamlessly with the all tools you need for managing the entire real estate process – tracking leads to ROI. 

The Brokermint real estate transaction management system will allow LionDesk customers to comply with regulations, establish a communication audit trail, save time, and run reports and analytics across the entire business process to the close of sale. Brokermint customers can start capitalizing on valuable LionDesk CRM data that delivers transparency and valuable insight on which channels contribute to closed leads. 

With the Brokermint and LionDesk Combined Solution You Can:

  • Understand Leads: which ones are likely to purchase soon

  • Increase brokerage ROI: discover which marketing channels result in closed business

  • Sync Contacts: name, phone, email, etc.

  • Push deals as transactions to your back office

  • Extend your product to be full-cycle lead to close solution

  • Extend Analytics: with back office data (ROI reports)

  • Populate Commissions: from back office to QuickBooks

  • Integrate Accounting: QuickBooks

  • Automate & Streamline: eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors

  • Generate Instant Reports: get data you need for important decisions

  • Consolidate systems: manage the entire process quicker and more easily

The time is here to increase office revenue by gaining complete visibility into your ENTIRE real estate business process!  Get started on making smart decisions based on real-time data, today. 

Learn more about the power of this combined technology solution and how it can result in more dollars to your bottom line.

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