Watch our 1 minute product update video summary regarding Real Estate Compliance.

Some computer tasks are repeated over and over. Automated compliance solutions help maintain the various rules regarding real estate transactions. Information can be easily updated in this cloud based software offered by Brokermint that helps alleviate the stress that is created from trying to follow the rules. Without good solutions, the agency is at risk for lawsuits.

Avoid Breaking the Law with Automated Compliance Solutions
It would be nice if the majority of the agents could focus on customer relations and sales.  Due to the advanced in cloud based solutions, only a smal portion of the staff need to be involved with inputting the regulations into the system.  Agents just fill out their checklists and it becomes automated compliance.
Automatic Compliance

  • Brokermint automatically logs all actions listed below. Every action has a time stamp and a user name who triggered the action:
  • transaction created, updated, opened
  • document added, submitted, approved, rejected, deleted, downloaded
  • task added, deleted, updated, marked as complete/incomplete
  • user invited, account created, assigned, unassigned, permission changed
  • contact created, assigned, unassigned
  • backup requested, downloaded
  • company information updated
File Upload

  • The file upload function has been improved and now processing of big files takes a few seconds.
Product Roadmap
The most recent version is available here.

 Automated compliance management within a cloud based system helps save time by not needing those long meetings about the regulation changes.  It is much easier to send your team an email to give them a heads of of a policy change.  The paperwork is modified easily to cover the bases of the staff.  These cloud based solutions are extremely efficient at code compliance regulations.
Automated compliance solutions are an incredible asset to your real estate organization. Not only do these compliance solutions offer a place for maintaining all of he needed reference material, automated solutions assist with the auditing process, too.

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