Brokermint - Transaction Files Backup Solution Infographic
One of the worst things to ruin a good day is having something happen that causes your data and all of your transaction files to disappear. Losing your data is disastrous for everyone.

Backup Your Transaction Files Routinely
Transaction management is the project management of the real estate world. There is an incredible amount of paperwork that is generated in the process of buying and selling real estate. These files of paperwork can get out of hand very quickly when the process for organizing is still in paper form.
An advantage to online real estate paperwork management is that this paperless system help reduce the amount of office space lost due to filing cabinets.  This extra space frees up room for another desk for another real estate agent to work within the office or allows for the firm to obtain a smaller office for less monthly rent.  Also, the firm needs to have less physical reams of paper standing by in the office to be used in the photocopier. The advantages of cloud based storage are getting better each day.
Another component of cloud based paperless storage is one of the most important things that is overlooked until necessary.  There are so many file transactions that occur in the process of a single working business day at a real estate firm.  The beauty of an online system like Brokermint has available is that each of these files is time stamped as the process continues. These time stamps become very important when dealing with legal transactions to know what actions occurred when.  Some government agencies like collecting evidence in reverse chronological order; with time stamped transaction files in place, this process is easier, too.
A third advantage of transaction files available in the cloud is the quick ease of use.  Online signatures have become more acceptable for some document forms. This allows for the agent to have the various parties “sign off” on your transaction files immediately without the extra step of printing off the paperwork to have a physical signature in place.
Space reduction, cost savings, time stamped transaction files and ease of use are all great reasons to speak with Brokermint about this sort of backup system for our agency.

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