With the housing market well on the way to complete recovery, many licensees are making the move to become a real estate broker in Illinois. After all, one of the benefits of a forming a career in real estate is the control it allows you in shaping your personal success. The step towards becoming a broker is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the life of a real estate professional. There is no need to wait for a promotion. A real estate licensee is able to simply make the decision to sign up for broker training and the state exam. Once this decision has been made, it may be only a matter of weeks before you are working as an Illinois broker. Real estate sales associates in Illinois who are ready to take the next step in their real estate careers can begin the process of becoming a licensed real estate broker by completing the state’s requirements for licensure.

Illinois Real Estate License Requirements

See the following category requirements:

Category A-1 – 120-Class-Hour Qualification
1. Age limit: 21 years old
2. Courses: 120-class-hour Real Estate Transactions course; 75 class hours of broker courses at a real estate school

Category C – Attorney Qualification
1. Age limit: 21 years old
2. Law Specific Info: Be admitted to practice law by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Category D – Reciprocity Qualification
1. Age limit: 21 years old
2. Residency: a resident of the reciprocal state
3. Experience: actively licensed in the reciprocal state for a minimum of 2 years.

Illinois Real Estate License Reciprocity States

Anyone holding licenses from any of these states may apply for a reciprocal license, and may be able to forego some classroom work and other requirements.

  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin

Real Estate Broker Licensure Exam in Illinois

There are 2 parts in Illinois Real Estate Salesperson Exam. The first part is called national part. The second part is called state specific part. The national part consists of 100 questions, answer 75 questions correctly and you will be allowed to pass the next part of the Exam. 2.5 hours are provided for you to answer this part of the exam and 3.5 hours when you decide to take both parts an once. The next part – state specific – consists of 40 questions. Make sure you answer 30 of them. Illinois state specific part lasts for 1.5 hours if taken separately.

Real Estate Salesperson Exams in Illinois are administered by AMP Inc. at www.goamp.com.

If you successfully pass the first part of the exam in Illinois, you can pass the second part during 12 months.

The Illinois Real Estate Salesperson Examinations are taken on a computer. You can watch your results right after finishing the exam. You can’t take anything with to the exam room, only simple functioning calculators are allowed.

You will have to pay $46 of the registration fee to take the Illinois Real Estate salesperson exam.

Don’t forget 2 forms of ID to take with you. Also, be prepared to have a finger print scan. Arrive 30 minutes earlier before the exam starts.

Real Estate Broker Software

The Right Tools

The most professional real estate workers often require software to efficiently sort through paper work. It has been pointed out that good software such as Brokermint can transform a real estate business for the better. Back office software should be able to create a consistent and manageable flow from lead generation to closing and accounting. It should be able to cross integrate with Contact Management systems (CRM), MLS and Accounting Packages. The main goal of this type of software is to help real estate experts save time managing day-to-day operations, get instant visibility on production data and remain in compliance with regulations.

Software like Brokermint perfectly fits for small companies that recently started their real estate business.

There are other tools that are useful to real estate agents. Having a strong social media presence through sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn can come in very handy in attracting potential customers. Also consider using Zillow and Trulia. These websites help track information on available real estate properties in local areas. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the kinds of tools that real estate brokers need to work in the field. It is a necessity to feel prepared in this business.

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