One of the biggest benefits of the customer development methodology is the ability to turn feedback into actions over a short period of time. Because of our responsiveness, we can boast that Brokermint has the best real estate transaction management software. Sounds too good to be real? Just give us your feedback!

The Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software Is Right Here
Today we’ve made one more step towards flexibility & customization of our Real Estate Transaction Management Solution. Now we can add user defined fields to your transactions. If there is any information you need to save in the system we can create a custom placeholder for it, without doing any development. Once added it becomes available in your reports and other sections of the system.


The Real Estate Forum
Just a reminder about The Real Estate Forum that will happen on the 13th of March at the Sheraton Hotel San Diego. Normally one ticket is $39, but they promised to take $20 off for our guests. Contact us if you want to attend.
Feel free to bring your questions about things that you wish to improve upon within the system. Often, it is the suggestion of a user that brings to fruition a component of our software that is a benefit to everyone using it.
The best real estate transaction management software needs to be responsive to the agents that use it. Commercial real estate transaction management can be complex with many different voices on what is expected for their offices.
Therefore, real estate transaction management really involves making sure that everyone in the system gets what they need in a timely manner.  For many offices, this means making transaction management real estate policies that apply to all of their agents.
Brokermint’s real estate transaction management system really does an excellent job of catering to client needs. Their real estate transaction management software is cloud based and top-notch.

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