Update: Create e-signature package

Sending multiple documents to clients for signature can sometimes be confusing. In order to make the process easier for your clients Brokermint has added the ability to send an e-signature package. This is only available when pulling documents from templates. This new update will allow you to “Use multiple templates” and it will merge all…

New and improved reports

A few important report updates: We have had many requests to add and update fields and filters in many different reports. We have updated and added some new filters to 2 very popular reports. Brokerage report Added last 3 years to filter Agent profile report Added license renewal date

Webinar: All about QuickBooks

As you probably know Brokermint can be connected to QuickBooks. In a few days, on August 17 at 11am PST, our team will be hosting a webinar to share best practices with you: Why QuickBooks is a perfect fit for thousands of businesses How to automate data entry, save time and money How to file…

Creating e-signature templates

  Did you know you can create e-signature templates in your library? Watch the following video to learn how to use this amazing feature! Contact us via chat if e-signature is not active in your account and we will help to turn it on.

Exciting new E-signature updates

  Brokermint has some new amazing updates that we have made to the E-signature feature! These new features include: Status tracking of each individual signature Signing of the Commission Disbursement Ability to use fillable PDF files Want to see how it works? Watch the following video recap of all functions, which include our most recent…

Update: more advanced user management

  We have simplified the user management process! It is now quicker and easier for both admin and agents. Instead of inviting a new user, simply select create user and follow these 3 steps: Add user name, role and email Update user permissions Add commission Plan Please watch the video below for more information!

Compliance 2.0 – the new way to approve documents

  We all know that a crucial part of every transaction is paperwork, but who likes to spend a lot of time reviewing it? Compliance is a must but it’s too time consuming.. This is why we took all recent suggestions and updated the way admins review documents, it’s simpler and the most important it…

Coming soon: Follow Up Boss CRM Integration

  In a few weeks, we will be releasing integration with Follow Up Boss CRM via Apination. It will let you synchronize your contacts, agents, lenders, create and automatically route to your transactions. Update transaction status in Follow Up Boss, all based on the rules you set-up. The best part is that it monitors your…

Coming soon: Integration with Zapier

Your time is valuable. Why waste it doing tedious tasks that a computer can handle for you? In a few weeks we will be releasing integration with Zapier. It will let you connect and automate more than 500 apps, so you can focus on the more important stuff. Here’s how it works: Zapier watches your…

Update: Brand new disbursement authorization form (CDA)

  Congrats! Our new updated CDA form gives you more control over its content and layout. You now have the ability to customize the form name, add instructions for your title company, etc. Take a look at the full list of features below or watch our video! New features include: Customize form name, you enter…

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