Do you use BoomTown to help manage your lead generation and customer relationship management? Are you looking to create a stellar customer experience while still staying organized and improving your office efficiency?
If so, it’s time to get to know the unparalleled and seamless integration between Brokermint and BoomTown!
Here are just a few of the many things this powerful integration has to offer:

Sync Contact Information Easily
Forget scattered sticky notes with hastily scribbled names and phone numbers. Instantly and easily sync contact information between Brokermint and BoomTown CRM integration software for simple and straightforward communication between both systems. Manage customer relationships, follow-ups and more quickly and easily while ensuring that leads and prospects are always handled promptly and professionally.

Push Deals as Transactions to Your Back Office with Brokermint
Brokermint makes it easy for you to keep every deal and every contract organized, so as you close new deals in BoomTown, you can push these transactions to Brokermint easily — creating an accurate record not only for accounting purposes, but also in case of a real estate audit. Keep your records streamlined and simplified between both systems with a smart integration that’s so intuitie, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it.

Populate Commission Information from the Back Office to QuickBooks
Dealing with commission structures and proper payments can be a headache, especially if you’re doing things the old-fashioned way or juggling spreadsheets trying to make sure everyone gets paid the correct amount. And that’s not even touching the issue of making sure they get paid on time! It’s a huge administrative hassle, but Brokermint and BoomTown make it easy!
By populating commission information from BoomTown to Brokermint and QuickBooks, you’ll have an efficient, easy-to-follow way to ensure commissions are paid out accurately and on time, every time!

Effortlessly Handle Agent Onboarding
Want to ensure maximum compliance with rules and regulations while making sure all of your agents’ documentation is in order and properly organized? Brokermint makes it easy. The smart, intuitive agent onboarding system allows you to easily create and import agent files and details from BoomTown to Brokermint and vice versa to get a complete overview of all required agent information as well as save and store proper licensing and related documents.
Ensure that all agents go through the same onboarding process so that they can better understand how things are done at your brokerage as well as comply with all necessary regulations. No more licenses slipping through the cracks or someone saying, “well, I didn’t know”. Keep tabs on every agent as well as their performance and ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Create Custom Commission Structures to Reward Top Performers
One of the best features of Brokermint and BoomTown real estate integration software is the ability to set custom commission structures. Reward your top performers while attracting and retaining key talent in your brokerage. Custom commissions eliminate the need for you to struggle with spreadsheets or wade through complicated formulas to set commissions. You can even cut checks out to your agents quickly and efficiently right from within Brokermint, saving you time and money!

And Much More!
This is just scratching the surface of all of the things that both Brokermint and BoomTown are capable of. Plus, BoomTown isn’t the only system that Brokermint plays nicely with! Our intelligent, cloud-based system integrates with a variety of the most popular real estate management and accounting software, as well as your favorite CRMs. From QuickBooks to Salesforce CRM and many more, our integrations can help decrease reporting errors while helping you keep high performing agents.

Together, Brokermint and BoomTown integrations will work to improve the quality of the leads you receive, as well as allow you to enjoy an intuitive view of all back office tasks and CRM efforts. See the full picture as well as the granular details of every aspect of each deal, transaction, agent, contract and much more, all in one user-friendly, easy-to-use interface.
Ready to learn more? It takes just 20 minutes to discover if Brokermint is right for you. Sign up now to get your FREE one-on-one demo and let us show you how Brokermint and BoomTown integration can help solve your most pressing real estate challenges!
More about Brokermint and Quickbooks integration here.

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