Data at your Fingertips with Google Sheets + Brokermint

Google Sheets is a powerful spreadsheet app that allows you to collect, track, and manage data to gain greater insights into your business. Google Sheets makes true data-driven decision making possible – and through a new partnership with Brokermint, brokerages can make quick work of data analysis like never before.

Using APInation, you can sync Brokermint and Google Sheets to gain access to a wealth of data analysis tools. Simply use this Add-On to seamlessly sync Brokermint with Google Sheets, and you’re on your way to:

  • Learning exactly what you need to know with custom reports and charts
  • Using Google Sheets data to power dashboards like Google Data Studio
  • Slicing and dicing data in new, more helpful ways
  • Consistently updated data, ready for whatever you can imagine

Just click on the link above to begin the process. Follow the simple steps to begin using the most popular setup.

Once you’ve integrated Brokermint and Google Sheets, you can begin pulling in data to populate insightful dashboards. Gain an understanding of your performance indicators at a glance. Easily view top agents, track revenue, see commission statistics, and so much more, all in one intuitive interface.

It’s easy to upload data and then use the masterful tools provided by Google Sheets to create any type of report or chart that you need. Sort, organize, and view data in the way that’s most useful to you. Share with your team for collaborative reporting, or use the data to create impressive reports for an executive team or board. Provide real time numerical information to agents wondering about annual goals, performance, and how close they are to meeting objectives. Google Sheets has the most intuitive and useful tools on the market for slicing and dicing data – now they’re all at your fingertips.

Everything we’ve mentioned is available through this quick integration available on APInation for only $25/month.

In order to activate:

  1. Sign into Brokermint
  2. Click on “Add-ons” in the left hand menu
  3. Find the Google Sheets tile, and click on it to get started.

As always, if you have questions about any tools that work with Brokermint, reach out to us. We want to be your one-stop-shop for back office solutions, and our goal is to complement the most useful tools on the market so that you always have access to what you need, when you need it.

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