Today’s real estate client is inundated with options and information. Technology has the ability to help make professionals’ jobs easier – or make things more complicated than ever. When real estate clients have more choices than ever, you need to do everything you can to optimize their experience with you.

Enter: Brokermint and Updater – a collaboration that will set brokers apart. Two of the most powerful platforms in the industry have partnered to create solutions designed to make moving simpler.

Updater is the nation’s leading moving app. Working directly with Brokermint, they’ll help countless real estate agents and brokers to streamline the moving experience for their clients. Since word-of-mouth and referrals are critical for agents and brokers, more satisfied clients mean more clients in the future. Who wouldn’t want that?

Updater works with Brokermint to understand client’s moving needs, curate moving checklists, and connect with key providers to help individuals make their moves faster and more enjoyable. By integrating with Brokermint, clients will be able to receive invitations to Updater directly from the real estate professional they trust.

Together, Updater and Brokermint provide everything a client needs when moving. They break the move into bite-size tasks and provide tools to help clients accomplish them, for a move that saves them time and money.

When clients have a move they can feel good about, they create new clients for you by passing along their great experience. The innovative partnership between Updater and Brokermint is a game-changer in the real estate industry.

New clients, book a demonstration to get more information about the integration.

Existing clients, please contact to discuss configuration options.

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