Real estate transaction management is not as simple as it sounds. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a ton of small routine tasks that you need to track and complete without checklist templates.
Transaction management is not just a list of documents that you need to collect – it’s a simple instrument to help you control your deals and close them on time. If you succeed, you can even use checklists to expedite your deals, close them earlier, make your customers happier – and grow your business!
Transaction management is the project management of the real estate world.  Templates for checklists, therefore, are necessary for efficient real estate project management. Implementation of a checklist template, then further, deployment of a checklist template is easier in a cloud based system.

Computer Checklist Templates Make The Transaction Process Go Smoother
It’s very important to understand how simple things like transaction checklists can impact your business and make it struggle or thrive. We’ve compiled a list of benefits to consider when you think about process automation.

  1. Checklists. Don’t try to reflect all your processes on one big checklist; make a few smaller checklists that outline all details of your processes. Make a separate checklist for listing, one for purchase, one for REO, one for short sale, and so on. Find a solution that enables you to combine an unlimited number of checklists based on your transaction type.

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  1. Tasks and documents. There are certain things you must do and certain documents you must provide. Ideally, you would see both on the same list. The more visibility you have, the easier it is to avoid missing an item.
  1. Critical milestones. Almost every transaction has dates for listing, expiration, acceptance, closing, and so on – and every date carries a group of dependent items that should be completed over a certain period of time. When you automate this process, look for the ability to link your checklist items to critical milestones (e.g., contingency removal 17 days after acceptance, etc.).
  1. Template management. After creating your initial set of templates, you need to keep them up to date. Real estate regulations get updated all the time, and you need to reflect all changes immediately, otherwise your business may be at risk of non-compliance. Look for a solution that allows you to change templates while on the go.
The automation of the transaction management process requires spending time finding a good solution. It should support the core four items listed above and help to transition routine processes to the system, thereby improving your operations.

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