Stay Connected from Anywhere: Upcoming Webinar

These are unprecedented times. We are making history right now. The impact that the current health crisis will have on the economy is still unfolding, but it has many real estate professionals fearful for their livelihood. 

That’s why we’re offering a free webinar series on working remotely – the best tools to help you do it, tips and tricks for staying communicative, and most importantly, how to keep closing deals even without your office. Agents and brokers who get in front of the remote trends will not only be able to keep their business surviving for the coming months, they’ll be better positioned for the future, working smarter than their competition for years to come. 

Join us for our third webinar in the series, where we’ll share information on staying connected and closing deals while you work remote. If you participated in our last two webinars, you learned a lot about how to keep your own deals moving foward. 

We want to help brokerage operators help their agents. It’s great if agents have the tools they need to keep working with clients, getting documents reviewed and signed, and storing important files. In this environment, that’s not enough to keep your brokerage afloat over the long term. If you run a brokerage, do you have the platform you need to properly calculate goals and payments, and share that information with your team? Can you pay out commissions from your laptop, accurately and on-time? What about managing the forms that go along with that process, like a CDA? Can you quickly report on commission statements? Are you able to integrate with Quickbooks or other key software to make sure that everyone is getting paid during this uncertain time? 

Register for the webinar on May 20 at 10am PST to learn about how you can keep deals moving from your own home. 

We’re also offering an innovative relief program for clients adapting to this new way of doing business. Learn more here or request a personal coaching session to help transition your business to remote work: click here


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