It is with great excitement that we are announcing the introduction of the E-Signature function.

The old school processes of faxing, printing, scanning and emailing various real estate documents is no longer efficient. So why not try a better way of managing your paperwork, by allowing your team and clients to sign documents whenever they need?


A couple highlights of what you should expect with the E-signature function:

  • simple and affordable pricing
  • integrated e-signature, no 3rd party accounts needed
  • available for all users, agents and admins
  • upload your own forms
  • create and save document templates
  • pre-populate templates with transaction data (address, price, etc.)
  • e-sign on any device you like: desktop, laptop or mobile
  • advanced audit trail to prove all steps
  • and more…

We will be rolling out this update over the next couple of weeks! Don’t miss our next message about E-Signature webinar and early bird special! 

Stay Tuned!

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