JetClosing believes that closing on a property should be a celebration – and we agree! That’s why Brokermint has partnered with JetClosing to offer more transparent and less stressful closing processes. JetClosing is an innovative mobile title company that streamlines the closing process and makes the title and escrow elements of a closing easier than ever before. The solutions offered by this collaboration are guaranteed to make more agents look like heroes to their clients!

Consider the scope of documents to be signed, the amount of money changing hands, and the importance of legal items exchanged during a closing. All of that, on top of choosing a title company and an escrow company to manage the flow of these items. JetClosing functions as a virtual title company so that you can manage all of these tasks and exchanges without leaving the Brokermint platform that you’ve become familiar with. Even better, there’s no delay in transferring these documents – the minute you complete a task in Brokermint, the related activity is completed in JetClosing, and vice versa! This saves time again and again during a real estate deal.

Brokermint users especially love the fact that there’s no duplication of data. Due to the innovative flow of information between Brokermint and JetClosing, there’s no chance of repeating efforts or entering incorrect data in multiple places. Clerical errors can be costly in real estate deals – and JetClosing greatly reduces the risk of those happening. Have you ever input an address incorrectly during a real estate transaction, only to have to spend money having all of the associated documents redrafted with the correct information? That’s a common and annoying problem that Brokermint and JetClosing eliminate leveraging this unique functionality.

JetClosing offers several proprietary elements that make closing on a property more simple than ever before. From options like JetScore™ (an automated scoring of the title, like a credit score), to JetCloud™ (which is a technology developed with financial compliance and security as a priority), the company was created with real estate professionals in mind from the ground up. Their philosophy is simple: Title and escrow firms have the transaction data, documents, and contacts. We know the transaction status. Why not share them, in real time, so we’re all on the same page?

That’s why JetClosing is a great complement to Brokermint – and now we’ve formalized a way to work together.
To make the most of the Brokermint and JetClosing integration, follow these simple steps or check out the informational video here.

  1. Set up an account with JetClosing and Brokermint.
  2. Reach out to your Brokermint Customer Support Specialist or email requesting your API key. Please note, in case you have multiple offices in Brokermint setup as sub-accounts you need to obtain API key for each office. API key has to be for a user that has access to all transactions within a given account (office). Also, provide your JetClosing GUID to your Brokermint Customer Support Specialist.
  3. Once you provide us with your GUID we will establish 3 predefined checklists in your BM account that match the standard JetClosing process. If a custom or additional checklist is needed simply speak with your representative at Jet Closing.
The entire process is bi-directional to make it as easy as possible for agents to utilize. And of course, Brokermint staff is here every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most from our platform and that of any partners we work with.

Ready to start making closings a more pleasant experience for everyone involved? Check out the instructional video here to get started!

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