To convert your listing into a sale, open your listing transaction, click on edit and change the transaction status to Escrow:

Selling By Owner VS Realtor – Realtors Have Technological Advantage
Home owners are constantly looking into the steps necessary for selling their home when they are ready to move.  They start looking into a property listing. Besides the headaches and responsibilities of selling the property, most home owners are not really prepared for the requirements necessary to sell their home.
It makes sense to follow through with a real estate agent for this sort of expertise. It makes even more sense to go with an agent that has cloud based technology to assist them with the transaction process.
Real estate selling costs are compounded when things are not turned in on a timely manner.  The client that hired the agent to sell the property and the buyer of the property are highly relying on the agent to make sure all of these things are taking care of properly.  The more organized a real estate agent can be with meeting these real estate paperwork milestones, the more properties they can manage and sell at the same time.
Converting a transaction to a sale is incredibly easy with Brokermint. First, you find the listing transaction that you are wanting to work with. Then, you click open that file to bring up the details of the listing transaction in progress.
You can edit the details easily to change the status of the listing to start the escrow process.  This is a simple process within the system itself.
Next, adding a sales checklist will help ensure that you, as the agent, can meet all of the requirements of the sell before sending it to the broker for final review.
Select which checklist you’d like to add depending on the type of property involved with the sale.  After selecting this checklist, you will need to enter in the reminder dates for each task. These dates attached to the listing itself will be an incredible reminder of the steps needed to fulfill your obligations.
Selling real estate is made so much easier with the help of Brokermint’s cloud based software solutions.

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