Customize transactions the way that you need


brokermint real estate transction management customize fields 2

We know how important it is to customize transactions the way you want. Set up fields to allow your team to enter all vital information into the system. Our team was assisting by handling such requests, but we believe that there is a better way to manage this.

Starting today, there is a new interface in the system that allows you to configure Additional transaction fields.

You can handle the following scenarios:

  • add, remove or update additional fields
  • identify field type, including text, date picker, and dropdown
  • manage dropdown options
  • mark fields either as mandatory or optional
  • set up conditions for fields (ex. field ABC is mandatory when the status is set to Listing, etc.)
  • change order by dragging and dropping

We also introduced a new permission “Can manage transaction settings” that allows admins to control access to the management interface.

Please feel free to give it a try and let us know if there is anything else you would like to be added!

What is next on the to-do list? Explore our product roadmap to find out.