Busy agents need to leverage tools to make their job easier and more efficient. The more transactions you’re dealing with, the harder it can be to manage the details and paperwork associated with each deal. Most established agents have created their own processes for managing their workload and clients. There are also a variety of tools or free templates that can be obtained from the internet. A typical real estate transaction checklist is going to keep track of information like:


  1. Purchase Agreement – This document, sometimes called the purchase contract, is one of the first documents executed. It lists the terms and conditions of a real estate sale. This will be the document that includes the agreed-upon sale price.
  2. Disclosures – Once an offer is accepted, a real estate agent will provide the buyer with disclosures (sometimes several of them) depending on the type of purchase. Most residential purchases necessitate a real estate transfer disclosure statement that is completed by the seller. This lists the condition of any items included in the sale. There might be other types of disclosures such as those for lead-based paint or natural hazards.
  3. Homeowners Association information – Often a condominium or a home in a planned development belongs to a homeowner’s association (also called an HOA). In this case there should be a homeowner’s common interest development disclosure that informs the buyer of all rules and regulations that govern the complex or development.
  4. Inspections – A thorough inspection (or multiple) is a very important part of a building purchase. Unless buying a building “as is”, there will be inspections taking place as a condition of the purchase. Possibilities for these might include a survey to understand land parameters, or an appraisal for financing. Any inspections should have the dates listed, along with contact information for the inspectors.
  5. Escrow Information – An escrow company serves as a neutral third party that is responsible for ensuring all contractual obligations are met by both parties involved (buyer and seller). Their job is to make sure all necessary steps are taken before any funds are transferred and deeds are recorded. An escrow officer typically requests a preliminary title report to see if there are any existing mortgages, liens, property taxes or judgments that need to be taken care of prior to transferring the title to the new buyer. All information on the escrow officer, their company, and deadlines for getting them documentation should be maintained in the checklist.

If you want to take things a step further, you may create a calendar or shared platform to keep your team and anyone you’re working with on the same page. Everyone collaborating off of one easily-viewed calendar will help make sure tasks are accomplished on time and items are where they need to be. Deadlines should be clearly established, and a simple calendar that keeps everyone up to date on them is a helpful tool.


Ensuring your checklist accounts for all of these items and potentially populating a calendar is a great first step for any agent. However, savvy agents know that as they scale their business, a real estate transaction checklist is not going to be enough to help them close deals. Though the checklist will help you understand deadlines, it won’t help you to actually meet them. For that, you need a full-service, back office management software solution like Brokermint.


Brokermint makes it easy to actually accomplish each of the steps on this checklist. Our solution will help fully streamline your entire back office. Brokermint goes far beyond basic real estate transaction checklist, helping brokerages to actually complete tasks and grow their business. Leverage Brokermint for the following:


  • Transaction Management – Get complete visibility into every real estate transaction and manage them all from one convenient dashboard.
  • Commission Tracking – Automate commission tracking for agents while enjoying the ability to brand CDAs and individual statements with your logo and company name.
  • Reports and Analytics – Get real-time analytics and reports on all the metrics that matter. Create custom reports and use templates to fast-track the reporting process.
  • Agent Management – From agent on-boarding to goal management, improve productivity and reduce compliance risk.
  • Branding and White Label Opportunities – Showcase your brand, color scheme, logo and much more through an intuitive and smart back office management system.
Real Estate Transaction Checklist

Brokermint offers everything you need to centralize and organize tasks,

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