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Brokermint has been designed to include everything your brokerage needs to effortlessly manage, assign, track and evaluate all of your back-office tasks. From setting custom commissions to organizing documents, to allowing agents and clients to digitally sign and secure their documents.

Brokermint makes it easy to seamlessly manage all aspects of your office, whether you’re in charge of multiple brokerages, or you’re an up-and-coming agency. Our best products to simplify your life:
#1 Brokermint Back Office
Brokermint’s software works to simplify your real estate back office by providing robust transaction management, advanced commission calculation and accounting integration all in one easy-to-use platform.
Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Sophisticated checklists and automatic reminders that make transaction management a breeze.
  • Advanced templates simplify the real estate commission management process. Our simple-to-use sliding scale structures makes it a no-brainer for staff to stay on top of their sales.
  • A bug-free, seamless integration with Quickbooks online & desktop. Rely on Brokermint to upload your commission data to QuickBooks. It’s fast, automatic, and error-free.

#2 Brokermint Transaction Management

Brokermint’s software provides agents, office administrators, and brokers true visibility into each real estate transaction. The transaction management capabilities in the software offers some really neat business process optimization features, such as the ability to:

  • Keep track of all listings, pending sales, and rent/lease transactions.
  • Create unlimited number of real estate checklist templates, customizable to each office’s processes.
  • Assign tasks to individual team members, upload important documents, and leave time-stamped comments.

#3 Brokermint Commission Tracking

Did you know that by using our real estate back office software, Brokermint users can automatically calculate commissions and simplify the real estate commission management process?
In fact, here’s a comprehensive list of everything you can do with your commissions via Brokermint:

  • Instantly view how much to pay each agent for a particular transaction
  • Review robust reports and year-to-date sales volume
  • Generate disbursement authorization forms automatically
  • Create tier based structures based on year to date office net or gross sales volume

Plus, Brokermint integrates with all your favorite programs, including Quickbooks, CRM, MLS and many more. See for yourself how our unique platform can improve productivity, decrease reporting errors, retain top performing agents and much more.

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