There is a ton of data dealing with contact information. The days of keeping this information tucked away in a spreadsheet is done and over with. Cloud based software systems offer the best sorts of contact management application uses.
Cloud contact management makes getting a hold of correct contact information quick and easy. Rather than have employees call the main office for a specific number, there could be a document within the cloud based system with their information available. Anything that helps with productivity helps the bottom line, ultimately.

Brokermint Offers Contact Management Application Expertise
It’s been almost two weeks since our last release and all this time we’ve been working non-stop to make Brokermint better.
Contact Management
From now on you can store all your contacts in Brokermint.
First name, Last name, Company name, Address, Phone #, Mobile #, Fax # and Email fields will help you to keep all vital information in the system.
More benefits:

  • add comments to contacts
  • assign contacts to transactions
  • define contact roles (contact ABC may be set as a buyer for one transaction and then as a seller for the other one)


Our product roadmap is available here.
Commercial real estate contact management scenarios often cause real estate officer managers to obtain migraine headaches. On top of the constantly changing schedules of both the clients and staff, there is the pressing need to keep on top of all the paperwork. The most time-consuming portion of an office managers day is trying to make sure that all of the paperwork is in order.
Commercial real estate contact management software is a specific kind of software that is exclusive to managing real estate transactions and contracts. There are so many components to contracts that it seems overwhelming at times. Cloud base software solutions working together with contact management application software helps the whole system function easier.

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