(Even if You’re Just Getting Started!)

Welcome to the world of real estate brokerage management! Whether you’ve just opened your doors, or you have a roster of a dozen or more agents working tirelessly to close new deals, being able to efficiently scale your company is vital to its success. But where do you start your contract to closing automation?

Leverage the Power of Automation

If you’re still handling things like commission structures and contracts manually, or you’re wading through a stack of spreadsheets to find the progress of each contract, it’s time to leverage the power of automation.

With new advances in technology, you can now centralize and streamline your brokerage back office management and scale your business with both efficiency and accuracy. Having an accountable contract to closing tracking system in place ensures that agents are not only paid correctly, but that your brokerage is continuing to make progress in recruiting new agents and closing even more deals.

Why Have a System in Place Now?

When you’re starting out and you’re closing around 10-15 deals a month, you may think it’s easy enough to track and manage all of this via a simple spreadsheet system — and at this stage in your business, it very well could be.

But growth is the name of the game in this industry, and there will likely come a time when you can’t manage it all with spreadsheets alone. And do you really want to invest hours of time trying to convert everything over into some clunky (and expensive) system built in house? Or would you rather work with a system that was built by brokers, for brokerages?

Here’s Why You Need Brokermint

Brokermint was built from the ground up to support brokerages and agents. From on-boarding to commission management to forms and compliance, everything can be securely managed in one centralized location. And because Brokermint is cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, even on the go.

Plus, Brokermint integrates with all your favorite and familiar systems too. From your local MLS to QuickBooks, to your CRM to digital signatures, you can track, manage and monitor everything you need, from contact to closing all in one place, and all in real-time.

Call us today to get a free, no-obligation demo and see for yourself how this innovative system will help your brokerage scale and recruit the best people for the job – without the growing pains!

Contract to Closing

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