We at Brokermint strive to keep our clients happy and provide ongoing support and services for all admins and agents. We offer many services for no additional charge and are happy to help with all of your company’s needs.

Included with your subscription:

  • Weekly training for agents
  • Ongoing 24 hour support
  • Videos/Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Individual demo’s
  • The initial setup and onboarding process
  • Importing existing checklists, contacts, transactions and commission plans

To better assist our clients with customization requests we are introducing new resources to our team and extending our offerings by introducing some additional paid services:

Paid Services:

  • Build custom reports (something unique for your business)
  • Restore deleted data (transactions, files, library documents, etc.)
  • Global data update (merge multiple fields, convert fields, reassign transactions, etc.)
  • Import documents (files from closed and active transactions)
  • Move transactions / user’s / contacts between multiple accounts

Please send your request to our support team via online chat or call and we will handle your request with maximum care. If this is a paid service request we will start the process after you agree to the cost and to a specific time-frame. All paid services are prepaid and are non-refundable.

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