So, how DO real estate commissions work in your brokerage? In the real estate industry it can be very stressful for agents when it comes to understanding their commissions. So much so that many will have delusions about their own potential commissions, likely leading to discouragement after they receive their commission. Unfortunately, this can ultimately lead to lack of motivation, meaning the agents won’t meet their potential because they aren’t even sure what they’re getting paid. Luckily, you’ve come across the best solution – broker commission tracking software.
To have the best agents you need to be up-front at all times, ensuring details aren’t lacking in any circumstance, especially with regards to commission checks. Real estate commission management can be rather easy when you utilize the right tools. This software can help you visibly display and detail the commissions for your agents, providing an incentive to encourage them to do their very best and not get discouraged.
You or your agents can easily view the commissions of every transaction at any time with this quality real estate agent commission software. Each transaction provides a detailed breakdown and you can access them as needed.
It is our opinion that visual incentives will motivate people exceedingly better than other methods. That is something you can expect with broker commission tracking software because your agents will know exactly what their commission is. For every transaction, they can understand all the details and not bombard you with questions or get discouraged due to ‘not knowing’.
Better yet, this real estate office commission software will help you and your agents get prioritized. Know what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how much commission will come of it. When the transaction is completed (closed) in the software, the broker will review and approve the commission, routing the information to escrow for processing and getting the agents paid shortly thereafter.
This software offers more than one benefit, and many that aren’t even listed here. Discover for yourself what it’s like to have a company that runs smoothly in all aspects and all thanks something so simple as top-notch, effective broker commission tracking software.

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