When it comes to managing real estate back office tasks, have you ever wished that you could just visualize your pipeline to see, for example, how many listings you have, how much money you’ve earned from closed contracts in a given time, and other crucial information?

With Brokermint, you can.
Having a visual overview of your sales pipeline can help you see not just an overall view of listings, pending contracts and closings (and cancellations), but also how much money has been earned from them accordingly. And not just this month, but previous months as well. So if you need to compare, for example, last month’s performance with this month’s, Brokermint’s visual pipeline can show you, easily and accurately.

The Three Crucial Pieces of the Real Estate Sales Funnel
There are three main parts to a real estate sales funnel: the listings, pending contracts and closed contracts. By clicking on any one of these options in the Brokermint dashboard, you can see the precise transactions (including pending ones) that make up the figures noted in the funnel: Let’s take a closer look individually at the visualization process:

Listings are the life blood of any real estate brokerage or agency. Within the Brokermint Dashboard, simply opening the funnel will show you how many listings you have as well as the total. You can then click on this funnel “segment” to see the individual listing details which make up the total number.

The Pending section shows listings that are in the process of closing. They could be waiting on paperwork to complete the process, but even this step is made much easier by Brokermint, With features like digital e-signature capabilities and seamless organization, even managing contracts and other documents is a cinch in Brokermint. Clicking on the Pending part of the funnel segment will show you the individual transactions that make up the total dollar amount.

A month to month view of the total closings. You can click on any month below this bottom of the funnel to see the listings that were closed as well as the transaction data for each one. This allows you to easily compare performance from month to month as well as see how many listings ultimately turned into closings and made money for the brokerage.

Why Use a Visual Sales Funnel?
Having a visualized funnel like this not only helps you see the big picture in terms of how many listings you have and how much they’re all worth individually and together, but it also helps you better see granular details including individual transactions. Compare how much money you made last month, or how many successful closings you had compared to this month, or any specific time frame, instantly and easily right from within Brokermint.
Through the Brokermint dashboard, you can also check out the details of each transaction as well as access all your contacts right from the intuitive system. Generate reports in just a few clicks to distribute among your agents and staff to show them their overall performance.

The Momentum You Need to Do Your Best Work
Another reason to have this simplified yet highly valuable perspective in terms of your sales funnel, is that it shows you where you could improve. A brokerage that simply rests on its laurels in terms of successful closings will eventually come to a point where it stagnates and doesn’t get any better. If there’s no improvements, even your top producing and highest performing agents will head for greener pastures.
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