Before discussing how to create a real estate commission disbursement authorization form, you might want a refresher on what one is, and why you need them.

What is a CDA real estate form?

A CDA is the form that ensures real estate agents obtain the proper commission for the work they’ve completed for the real estate transaction. It’s essentially a payment from the title company that occurs at the time of the property closing. Many of our brokerage clients expressed finding this process cumbersome. Managing commission structures and levels usually entails lots of paperwork and lots of headaches for busy real estate professionals.
Brokermint strives to make the commission disbursement process easier for all parties involved. Our CDA software automates commission tracking for agents while offering the ability to brand CDAs and individual statement with elements like your own logo and company name.

Having a concise and easy-to-use form helps disburse commissions on time and accurately. In today’s digital market, many professionals are finding Brokermint’s CDA software an efficient way to streamline the process. We’ve recently made some updates to the form’s capabilities and features. Here’s a basic breakdown of how to create a CDA form for real estate transactions.

In order to create a Real Estate Commission Disbursement Authorization Form, also known as a CDA form, navigate to the commissions section of any transaction and simply click on the Action button.

This is where you can generate a disbursement form and send it to your Escrow Company or to the Accounting team. The form will show you all beneficiaries with corresponding net amounts, all contacts that you added to the transaction, as well as a place to add comments. Click “generate”, access your form, and print it or save it as a pdf.
So if manual calculation is eating up a large portion of your time, or figuring out commission rates and splits for each individual agent makes your eyes cross, we urge you to schedule a free demo of our system.

What makes Brokermint even more appealing for busy professionals is the ability to customize forms. See our blog on branding and white label options to learn more about how you can position the interface as your own and highlight your unique branding. Click the button below to download our comprehensive CDA template and dedicate more time to doing what you do best.

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