Many real estate professionals want to know how to manage real estate offers on the web. It’s not so easy to keep track of real estate offers and help your seller chose the best one to accept or counter.  Offers and counter offers is part of the fun of being in this industry, and yet, it can be the biggest headache of the industry, too.

How to Manage Real Estate Offers Online For Quicker Results
The industry has been overwhelmed with the amount of data that needs to into some of these projects – that is time away from actually selling real estate!  A customer may make a sample offer to purchase real estate to check out the market. Next, there is a flurry of real estate offers and counter offers.  And because customers are not specifically trained in real estate counter offer etiquette, this can become a huge mess for the professionals to sort out.
On top of that, the buyers are getting more sophisticated in the kinds of data they want.  Is there lead paint? Is the real estate located in a flood plain? Are there solar panel included, and if so, what rating? Is there a hot tub, and is it energy efficient? So many questions to answer and only so much time in a day to do it!
The industry has struggled with the question of investing the revenue in hiring “assistants” part time just to key in all of this data; this method has made some unintended consequences of industries not sure whether these assistants are interns, apprentices, independent contractors or employees.  Taking on new people and expenses that takes away form the bottom line ultimately is not good for l estate business as a whole.
It seems that agents are spending more time at the computer that going out and meeting clients.  This is wrong for the industry on so many levels. Brokermint understands the drudgery of constant data input.
That’s why we expanded our product to include online offer management.

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