New real estate cloud computing technology can be easier to implement than you might think. It is important that real estate owners and brokers communicate and make known the need for change among their staff and partners. If real estate agents and office staff resist the need for change, help them understand by conducting real estate training and technology awareness periodically. Agents might say “Real estate in the cloud? We don’t need it”, “Web based software is a waste of time and money” and “they don’t like it.” With all these negatives, the best thing to do is focus on their point of view first, then solution second. Identify and communicate as to why agents and office staff need this web based software to manage their accounts easily.
Though real estate cloud computing adoption is hard to implement. The successful implementation of such is typically driven by a core group that is open for change. When you communicate the need for change clearly, look at establishing a team of early adopters that would carry out the need for change to the other members. Look for staff or agents that are enthusiastic about the paperless system software, those who are well-connected with the company and well-respected in their areas of expertise. Make sure that you have these people participate in the planning and implementation of the cloud computing real estate software.
To encourage for change, develop a vision that would explain how future will differ from the past. That, they don’t like it to get stuck in the past much longer. The best solution is look for tools on how to grow real estate business, find the goals for change and develop a strategy on how to get there. The more you help you staff and agents understand, the easier the implementation will be. The need for change should be communicated frequently through the different seminars, presentations and ad-hoc trainings within the company. You can have your software provider help you with ongoing webinars. The software provider need to setup a series of webinars and provide brief agent tutorial to ease understanding.

Real Estate Cloud Computing Tip:
Use the cloud computing real estate software in your trainings or meetings. This is the best way to showcase to the staff how the software works in real life. This also serves as proof that the software is working perfectly fine and the management uses it. Consider making it as part of agent compensation program to fuel quick adoption rates.
Once your team is slowly adopting to the new real estate software, it is important that you consistently monitor them with results against their expectations. Did the new software meet their expectations or not? You may ask the sales team to evaluate and review the software weekly and give feedback. As soon as they are building healthy relationship with the new software and their sales improve, it is time to begin reaping the benefits of this new and innovative technology.

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