Intelligent Automation

Transaction Management

Know which tasks are complete, outstanding, and what is due soon… instantly!

By automating document requests and agent deadline reminders, our system does all of the “repetitive work” automatically, letting your staff focus only on the most critical tasks.

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Real Estate Commission Tracking

Commission Management

With just one click staff finds out which sales will be paid out, and you stay on top of your agent’s commissions.

With Brokermint’s automated commission system, you set the commission levels, adjust them as needed, and then let our automated system do the work!

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Notifications & Reminders

Remind without being annoying! With our customized, automated reminder system, the computer, and not your staff, take the heat.

Plus, everyone who needs to be aware of deficiencies and deadlines, is “in the loop”. You set the schedule, we do the work!

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Notifications and Reminders
Broker Review

Broker Review

Make compliance a piece of cake… Avoid conflicts and surprises with Brokermint’s automated tracking feature, so you can keep an eye on outstanding documents and deficiencies.

The software offers a unique, instant “bird’s eye” overviews of all deadlines and incomplete requirements via your custom checklists.

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