The ability to save a snapshot of your transaction is a vital function driven partly by real estate regulations, and also by a desire to maintain responsible archiving practices. It can seem very simple at first, but often becomes more complicated than you might expect. How a business utilizes their backup methodologies really makes a difference for the bottom line.

Disk based backup is trumped by the intelligent disaster recovery and super easy backup capabilities of cloud based backups.  The data collected in the cloud is safer due to how backup servers are constructed for cloud based systems.

Best Way to Backup Using These Backup Methodologies
In order to support this need and help you sleep well at night, we revamped the transaction download process to be a top-notch solution for you:

  1. Instant download: You request it, you receive it. It takes just a few minutes for Brokermint to package your files and send you an email with a download link.
  2. Folder organization: If you had multiple checklists assigned to your transaction, every checklist will be represented as a separate folder.
  3. Naming convention: The system will also rename your files to match your checklist items, with the naming convention, “task name” + “initial file name.” No more ransom notes like SCAN00018392.pdf, that don’t give you any idea of what that file is.
  4. Unsorted documents: In case you had files in the unsorted folder, they will be in your archive under Unsorted Documents.
  5. Download period: For security purposes, the download link is valid for seven days.
  6. New archive, anytime: If you added more files to your transaction after downloading it, no problem! Generate and download a fresh copy of your transaction archive.


And a few small additions:

Users with the enabled option “can’t change transaction checklist” are not able to remove any items from checklists, but can create new items and upload additional documents. 

We added five new video tutorials to the support center. All functions of the system are covered with short one-minute video guides, making it quick and easy to find an answer to your question.

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