Agents, like most people, tend to be creatures of habit who do not like change – especially when that change involves updating technology. The more complex the technology is (or appears to be) the more resistant agents will be to implementing it. If a new technology is especially difficult, agents may even leave the agency.

Increase Participation Rates
The best way to encourage agent participation is to keep the technology simple. A survey of more than 500 real estate professionals regarding technology solutions revealed the top answer to be simplicity. Intuitive and easy to use software makes the transition to paperless an easier one.

Software Criteria
The best technology solution for your agency is one that fits the following criteria:
a) Simple process. You don’t see point D on your way from point A to point B.
b) Obvious benefits. Ideal software benefits are so obvious that agents don’t question them. They realize the technology will make their lives easier so they’re ready to use it.
c) User-friendly. Menu driven software that anyone can use.
d) Crazy simple to learn. Follow the on-screen menu or prompts, no need for webinars or other classroom instruction.

Bridging the Gap With a Complete Real Estate Solution
When you are ready to bridge the gap between how you currently process information and a new solution for process management, take it slow and increase your chances of success.
Here’s some tips to help:
• identify a few agents to start using the technology
• help them learn the system and establish the necessary processes
• show your appreciation with small bonuses, gift cards, etc.
• Once they are fully on board and fully using the technology, invite the rest of the company to join them.

Bringing Agents and Software Together
It is possible to minimize agent issues and maximize business with complete real estate solution software. The key is to choose software that makes the transition both easy and productive.

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