We’re continuously updating our software to create the best and easiest to use platform for our users. Here are just a handful of our most recent updates to the Brokermint API ecosystem. (We call it API 2.0)

  • User profiles – Upload pictures in Brokermint and then push our user profile to your WordPress website and keep Brokermint as the single source of your agent’s data.
  • Commission information – Access all financial information in Brokermint and transition it to any bookkeeping or accounting system, like QuickBooks.
  • We added filters – So you can set a filter and to narrow down search results without downloading an entire list of transactions or the entire contact database.
  • Transaction participants – View and manage the users and contacts connected to any transaction.
  • Single sign on for users – Brokermint now has a single sign on (SSO) token you can use to login users from any outside system to the Brokermint website without entering any additional login or password information.

Don’t miss a thing. Keep up to date with all our updates on our API Documentation page.

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