We’re excited to announce our next generation of e-Signature capabilities that provide you with important digital tools to take your business to the next level! These extensive e-Signature enhancements will not only improve your user-experience with Brokermint, but also enhance your client experience while saving precious time. Let’s jump right in on these latest innovations and review how they will help your daily real estate transactions.
New Cover Sheet: The System Takes Care of the Rest!
Now you can auto-populate information on the Cover Sheet with transaction data. Managing documents for e-Signature has never been easier! Process is simple: initiate new e-signature process, verify information on cover sheet, add/update, preview document, and send! This tool is invaluable to brokers and agents – as it ensures accuracy, expediency, and time savings.

Not Ready to Complete e-Signature process?  No Problem.
This one’s a life-saver! The system now auto-saves all data you have entered as you initiate e-Signature process and populates information to Cover Sheet. No time to finish or need to get back to it later? No worries. The data you entered will remain intact until you are ready to pick up where you left off.

Highlighting Content for Better Customer Experience 
No one has time for re-processing documents, so we changed the way entered information looks in forms and documents so you can see what was populated and what was in original template. Highlighted populated data allows you to verify select information and avoid re-entering data, while also improving the customer experience by making the review process easier.

Auto-populate e-Signature Fields
Now you are in control with time-saving features, which allow you to use existing contacts in your e-Signature process. Being able to auto-populate names for signature and corresponding client information  ensures accuracy and eliminates unnecessary data entry.
Email Executed Document to Signers
This update allows you to email a fully-executed document along with existing email notification. Since your clients request copies of signed documents, this valuable feature not only saves time, but also enhances the client experience!
Enhanced Notification Center
By activating notifications, you can now be apprised of steps taken in the e-Signature process. From when signers start and complete the process, agents can be in pro-active in managing the process while ensuring documents are signed on time.

Access Multiple Templates and New State Forms!
We’re providing you with an easier way to start your e-Signature process where you can choose from multiple templates, and have access to state forms from within the Brokermint system! Simply search templates by name or select desired forms in library folders.

Company-Branded e-Signature
If you use our white label solution, you know how valuable it is to be able to send company branded emails. We’ve made it better with a system warning to switch to the correct domain to complete your e-Signature process.
New Options for Saving Documents
We’ve introduced rasterized PDFs into the system, which allows you to save e-signed files as a rasterized image file, rather than vector file. This is a perfect solution for some documents due to the smaller file size that’s easier to work with.

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