We are excited to announce that Brokermint will be one of the panelists at The Real Estate Career Forum “Success in Real Estate 2014”. Real Estate Technology Event – Yay!

Brokermint Invites You To The Real Estate Career Forum
This is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to learn, share and network. If you will be in San Diego on the 13th of March we recommend you to visit this amazing event. Last year they had about 300+ attendees. Stop by, learn new things and make new connections.
The Real Estate Career Forum
The real estate career forum taking place on March 13th in San Diego is really an event to look forward to.
This real estate forum is one of the best around because these are the movers and shakers in the industry.  Because our clients have cloud based solutions put together for their offices, these businesses are excelling faster than ever before. More productivity means more profits. More profits means more events like this one.
The leaders within the real estate finance forum realm are happy to answer questions for you regarding bank regulations, current currencies, interest rates and how the recent changes in the Fed affects the agents on the ground.
The leaders within real estate appraiser forum realm are very happy to discuss the value of homes, the intricacies of homes going green, new environmental regulations and tools to help your job go much smoother.
The leaders real estate investors forum realm are always excited about new opportunities. What looks like an empty field to most people is actually going to be a thriving real estate center in about 5 years. Get insider tips on investment opportunities.
The leaders within commercial real estate forums realm are the most interesting. Dealing with multimillion dollar properties sometimes comes with multimillion dollar problems. Learn how these leaders work around regulations that deal with large commercial properties and new housing opportunities.

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