Brokermint has always allowed agents to upload, share, and sign documents with ease. Based on feedback from our clients, we’ve recently improved both the functionality and the user experience of the interface. Now Brokermint’s e-signature capabilities offer more flexibility, time savings, and security than ever before.

Brokermint’s all-in-one e-signature function is connected to our entire transaction management solution, meaning agents can do everything in one place. In addition to providing all the tools that help agents grow their business, we wanted to improve the e-signature channel so that agents can continue to streamline their transactions without having to use another platform.

The latest e-signature experience is incredibly intuitive, offering a variety of options for choosing and editing documents. Select a template from our library, where we license hundreds of documents at a specific state level, to make agent’s jobs easier than ever. Or, upload any number of your own documents and save them and re-purpose them. Either way, the templates are easy to find, edit, save, and share!

Brokermint’s New E-Signature Functionality

Leverage a user-friendly editor to add text, edit copy or dollar amounts, add initials, checkboxes, or signature fields, or strike-through copy. You can add or update specific roles so that you can be sure you’re sharing with the appropriate parties, or make contracts read-only. We use advanced field mapping so that you can push data from within Brokermint to multiple documents. That means you can update several documents pertaining to the same deal, all because the field will be populated through the sophisticated mapping process. For example, change the purchase price in one place and field mapping will make sure it’s adjusted across all contracts.

When you’re ready to share a document, the simple process takes only a few steps. Send documents to multiple people or just one person – either way, there are only a few steps. As with everything in Brokermint, we guarantee the security and privacy of your data. Remember that you own any of your company data within Brokermint. We will never hold your information hostage. Should you ever need to move your documents off of the platform, that’s easy to do as well.

We heard our clients and understood that they were seeking a new standard in the e-signature experience. Our improved system is a polished, all-in-one solution that provides more automation than you’ll find in any other platform.

Of course, the enhanced e-signature capability is on top of the tremendous user experience you’ve already come to expect from Brokermint. As your complete real estate back office management software, we help brokerages of any size to organize tasks and automate operations.

Accelerate your deals – and do more of them – with Brokermint.

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