You’re a tired real estate broker. You feel you need a sales commission tracking spreadsheet to organize the data. You’ve got showings booked and phone calls to return and listings to update and an assistant to take out to lunch and your car needs tires and…who has time to breathe, much less keep track of real estate commission tracking? How do you keep track of your sales commission formula?
At Brokermint, we understand. Most real estate professionals keep track of sales and commissions using Excel or Paper. A commission tracking spreadsheet is the old standard. We know that’s time consuming, and surely not the most efficient way of handing the business side of your business. We know that you want a streamlined real estate commission software system, and we know that this system shouldn’t be just about tracking sales and commissions, but it should be able to manage tasks, keep track of contact information, make compliance easier, and archive everything, because you never know when you’re going to need to know something about the property you sold four years ago!

A Sales Commission Tracking Spreadsheet Eliminator
Our broker view feature lets you manage more than just yourself. If you’ve got an entire office worth of agents to track, then it’s the easiest way for you to manage payroll. You can set up unlimited commission plans for your agents, list other charges and fees, allowing you to keep track of expenses, track sliding incentive plans, and Brokermint’s real estate commission software even keeps a handle on split commissions.
You can set up documentation to track sales from a given team, a given agent, or during a given time frame. You can send disbursement forms directly to your escrow company, and you can do it all from a single logged in computer, allowing it to be done in a shorter amount of time, because you will spend less time chasing agents for their paperwork. Real estate accounting has never been easier! Seriously, don’t use a  sales commission tracking spreadsheet Excel or otherwise.
If you’re in the business of real estate, Brokermint’s real estate commission software is definitely something you will find beneficial to the business side of things!

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