With all of the emphasis of real estate buying and selling moving to the Internet, real estate firms are finding that posting each ad with all of the detail individually can be a real hassle.  Agents and customers want offer management solutions that are easy to use, track and port from device to device.
Real estate agents tend to travel as mush as flight attendants and big rig truckers.  For this reason, agents really need solutions that are easy to manage while in the process of traveling from property to property.  Real estate agents that are able to use their phones, laptops and office computers in sync with each device tend to be more productive in their day – and at the end of the quarter, are more successful at converting real estate contracts.  The number of extra selling opportunities increases with offer management solutions like these.
Cloud based offer management solutions gives offer management tools available to you.  The best part is that there is software that is exclusive for offer management for realtors.
Brokermint has a secret weapon to help manage received offers. Watch our video summary to learn more about it!

Offer Management Solutions For Real Estate Scenarios
A tool that does all of this:

  • Notifies about new offers as soon as they come in
  • Automatically stores all offers within your listings
  • Helps to see all offers on one screen, including: price, buyer name, loan type.
  • Allows to send emails to buyers or buyers’ agents
  • Makes it possible to assign statuses: accepted or rejected
  • With your guidance asks to submit highest and best
  • Helps to convert listing into a sale to start collecting forms
And even more than that, your broker gets really excited because:

  • Your listing and all corresponding offers are in one single location
  • There is instant visibility on all offers
  • Full communication log
  • Ability to download transaction archive with a copy of all offers
Just watch the video, and see the opportunities that lie within!

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