When it comes to real estate technology, you might be surprised to learn about what you’re really getting.

Did you know real estate technology funding is up 15% YOY? Similarly, spending in this sector is consistently up YOY as well. That means that innovation and scale can be achieved at a rapid pace, compelling the entire industry to achievements previously unseen. However, that’s not always the case due to what we call “Political API” (or PAPI).

In case you’re not familiar with the term API, it stands for Application Programming Interface, and it is essentially defined as a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. APIs are tools that allow programmers to deliver solutions. Used properly, an API will help different parts of a computer program to communicate and integrate effectively. Many real estate technology companies offer an API that allows their interface to communicate with other applications the company might be using.

So, what’s political about it? 

The problem with many real estate solutions’ API is that they leverage a position that benefits them, and their partners, versus the customers who will be using their system. Many technology companies advertise their use of APIs, but the customers who use them soon find that they are very limited in what they can actually do. Many of the real estate technology solutions available only leverage APIs around their favorite vendors, or other companies that they have a partnership with. This can significantly restrict innovation and stifle the ability of the customer company to grow.

Brokermint Real Estate Open API
Many of our clients come to us after finding out the hard way that the APIs that were promised were actually very restricted – with loyalty to certain brands and lots of technology constraints. They weren’t ultimately able to do what they had hoped to do with the real estate technology.

At Brokermint, we understand that in today’s environment of rapid technology growth and the ability to scale, there is no reason to restrict API – and therefore, limit our customers’ growth. We leverage an open API model. An open API (often referred to as a public API) is a publicly available application programming interface that provides developers with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service. That means that we don’t restrict who you can collaborate with from a technology perspective.

Use your technology stack the way you want to. 

We want to encourage innovation, help companies scale, and most importantly, assist our customers in reaching their goals. To do this, we make it easy to penetrate the “technology layer” that so many other real estate technology companies – including our competitors – put in place. Our focus is always on delivering top quality service and a stellar product that helps you go from contract to closing, quickly and seamlessly. We encourage our brokerages to use any data that can enhance their own application or organization. It’s been noted that Open APIs can significantly increase revenue without the business having to invest in hiring new developers making them a very profitable software application. You can now work even better with the tools you already know and love. With pre-built integration and our powerful API you can effortlessly import and export, information, connect other real estate programs to Brokermint, and eliminate the need for tedious, time-consuming data entry.

Since our process is focused on collaboration and cooperation, you might be wondering about security. Brokermint is completely independently owned and operated. One of our principles is keeping our clients’ data private. We’ll never sell or distribute your data. Furthermore, we use Amazon web services to encrypt all data to make sure it’s safe and secure. We leverage specific servers in each geographic region, and data never goes into third-party hands or outside of the country.

Furthermore, we don’t hold users “hostage” by making it complicated to back up or retrieve data. We’ve noticed that many services make it challenging to move your own data if you plan to change providers. Say you’ve uploaded tens of thousands of documents over the past 5 years – would you know how to get all of it back, in a simple and secure way?

It’s important to us that Brokermint is efficient to use and offers competitive advantages to our clients as they do business. As part of this commitment, we offer connections to Dropbox or Google Drive, along with Open API integrations, so that clients can back up data quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for a partner to help with transaction management, make sure to choose one with plenty of positive reviews and reputable client testimonials. And to make things even easier, choose a partner that offers a full range of back-office operational support. Brokermint was built by real estate professionals, for real estate professionals, and offers the most streamlined, full service real estate management solution.

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