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“We are thrilled how easy it is to transfer data from LionDesk to our Brokermint transaction management system”
4.6 / 5
770 reviews

Connect two of the most powerful systems to manage leads, clients and transactions. LionDesk CRM integrates with the Brokermint back office to eliminate double entry and most importantly save your time!

  • Sync contact information, including name, phone, email, etc
  • Push deals as transactions to your back office
  • Populate commission information from back office to QuickBooks
  • Handle agent onboarding, ensuring that each agent’s file includes all necessary and required documentation and licensing.
  • Set custom commissions to reward top performers

And much, much more!

Plus, Brokermint integrates with all your favorite programs, including Quickbooks, MLS and many more. See for yourself how our unique platform can improve productivity, decrease reporting errors, retain top performing agents and much more.

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