In any busy office there’s usually multiple people managing, updating, and using the business’ contacts. In a particularly contact heavy business such as real estate, this means your contact database can get disorganized–fast–if you don’t have the proper tools and procedures in place to keep them up-to-date.

Good news! Brokermint now has the capabilities to give you more control over your contacts. Based on user feedback, we’ve recently updated the system to allow users to delete contacts and re-assign all transactions, commissions and payments to any other user or contact. Brokermint can also merge duplicated contacts and merge contacts to users with the push of a button!

After all, they’re your contacts, and you should be able to manage them how you want.

How do I use this feature?

  • Navigate to the contacts page, select a contact you want to remove and click on “delete.”
  • If this contact is tied to any transaction or commission data the system will show you a summary with an option to re-assign. 
  • Note: Every contact you add to the system is public (available to all users of your company) until you mark it as private on the Contacts page. Keep this in mind!
Want more details? Watch the video below.


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