At Brokermint, we are constantly improving and striving to keep our software as the best option on the market. Over 700 customers trust Brokermint, and our customers tell us that they love the functionality and ease of use. As part of our ongoing efforts, we’ve added some new features that will make an impact in the way you work.

We understand that part of being passionate about your business is personalizing the tools that you use. Ideally, the systems you use every day should become beacons of your brand and hallmarks of your company image. With our software, companies have always been able to upload their personal logos. This is so they can see their logo on all pages across the interface, from reports to commission statements. We’ve expanded these capabilities to help your company build even stronger brand awareness.

Here’s a quick update regarding some of the exciting features you can now expect in Brokermint.

White label.

A “white label” product is essentially something that’s produced by one company but rebranded to appear as though another company offers it. We’re now offering this to our customers so that they can reinforce their reputations and build a stronger position in the market. White label software allows you to take professionally-developed software and make it your own. This means including your logo, your color scheme and your company name. In fact, white labeling means that no one else will know that it’s not your own creation. This is ideal for branding and creating a great impression as well as a sense of authority and professionalism.Our top-notch white label solution becomes truly “yours” with no limitations.


Over the course of the last year, we’ve received numerous requests to allow you to upload your logo to Brokermint. We listened! Now you can add your logo, color scheme, and even brand email notifications. This feature is ready, just login, navigate to Settings > Company and upload. Happy Branding!

For more information on white label and branding opportunities within Brokermint, review this page.

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