We would like to thank everyone for all the feedback given to us! The updates listed below are a good example of how our team turns your ideas into time-saving features. None of them were listed on the product roadmap, we’ve added them on top of what we promised.

Transaction ID
Need to differentiate your transactions by ID?
No problem, as we’ve automated this process for you. Every time you create a transaction, Brokermint automatically generates and assigns a unique ID. You can find it on the transaction sheet and you can also access it when you print or save your transaction sheet as a PDF.

Lockbox and Yard Sign tracking
Want to know where your yard signs and lock boxes are?
Now it’s crazy simple! You can keep track of them in Brokermint. Under the additional fields section of any transaction set lockbox and/or yard sign fields to “Yes” every time that you install these items. Run the “Lockbox / Yard Sign report” to see where your inventory is. Apply filters to narrow down the results by transaction status or agent name.
Thank you for all the work and trust in us, we are looking forward to a New Year filled with more work and opportunities from you!
Happy New Year!

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