Real Estate Agent Profile Management

By its very definition an agency is a real estate business that has more than one agent, which means that real estate agent offices will need a way to track every agent and their corresponding activity. Brokermint’s software enables users to create multiple agent profiles with pertinent information and customize permissions to mimic current business processes.

In addition Brokermint offers the following abilities:

  • Customizable agent profiles
  • Attach all documents/paperwork to agent profiles
  • See assigned commission plans
  • Make comments and notes

Just think of it as the all-in-one real estate agent database for your business. Better still, in addition to allowing for separate agent profiles, Brokermint’s main function is as a stellar commission tracking platform and daily document and task management tool.

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Brokermint is so simple to use! It took me a few minutes to figure out what to do and start adding new transactions to the system! Kudos to you!

Louisa Ghali, Broker/Owner