Real Estate API Connector

In the software world, API (short for application program interface) makes it easy to efficiently share data across multiple software systems. APIs have a major impact on a company’s ability to quickly add partners to their ecosystem, and they’re able to do so with a modest investment. Through leveraging real estate APis, your business will save time, minimize double entry, and insure data and information remains error-free across multiple systems.

Whichever real estate transaction management software you decide to implement, you need to choose one with a real estate connector that can easily integrate with the other technologies you utilize to run your business.

Brokermint’s software allows users to:

  • Transition contacts from your current CRM system to Brokermint
  • Sync contacts with any marketing or drip campaign system
  • Use pre-built integrations or contact us to create a custom integration
  • Use our team to help you build needed integrations

Brokermint also offers a seamless Quickbooks integration to enable the steady flow of transactions to your accounting software.

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As a broker, I find Brokermint to be one of the most efficient systems. It provides ease of workflow and saves a lot of time for both the agent and the brokerage.

Emilia McAfee, Broker/Attorney