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Due to the increasing amount of paperwork and responsibilities associated with property listings, checklist management software is an important part of real estate transactions.

Brokermint’s Checklist Management Software Exceeds Expectations

Real estate agents in past decades were buried in paperwork. It was difficult to haul all of the paperwork files from property to property without the risk of the paperwork being lost, damaged or stolen for identity theft.  Brokermint understands the realities and struggles of paper system.  The point is that a paperless system is available that allows for security of the data, ease of transport and ultimately more opportunities for sales.

Checklist management is a very simple addition to a cloud based system.  Computer databases have been used for quite sometime, and combined with cloud services, online checklists make transactions go so much smoother.

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Furthermore, a property management checklist that is exclusive to your agency makes it easier for times when real estate staff needs to jump in during emergencies.  Let’s face it – life happens and things do not always go as planned.  A transaction management checklist that can be picked up by another agent in the event of an emergency saves valuable time.  Before, in a paperless system, there would be time wasted as the substitute agent tried to make sense of the other agent’s filing system.

Checklist project management is really a simply way of dealing with the logistics of the paperwork dealing with real estate listings and transactions. It makes sense that these functions are utilized in the cloud for safety, convenience and cost savings. The more money that is saved by dumping the paper system can be enough to hire another agent or agent assistant to snag choice real estate properties to sell.

Brokermint has an established cloud based system for real estate transactions already in place for your use. You just need to contact them to get the process started.

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