The real estate checklist template is the core of every transaction management process. It simplifies the sale process by providing the seller and buyer important information to meet their obligations by deadlines. Real estate transaction may be complicated and overwhelming, especially when you have a number of those. Acquiring a template for checklist has a lot of benefits. It will help you collect all necessary documents and complete all required steps before deadline. In addition to this, it will help you stay on top of critical milestones and help you identify current transaction status to keep you on track.

Some companies have only one checklist template with all items on it for their listings and purchase transactions while others prefer to have a separate list for each transaction phase.

Download checklist

Our downloadable real estate checklists will help you stay organized and keep your business on the go. The listing checklist that covers everything from listing date to expiration helping agents to obtain all needed documents, do marketing, install yard signs, adjust the price and update MLS information. This checklist for listings helps agents keep reminded of the necessary milestones of every real estate selling phase. Don’t want to forget anything?

Buying checklist, also known as real estate closing checklist, covers every step from purchase to closing and helps buyers and sellers to comply with contractual obligations. Usually, it covers all items including Purchase Contract, Counter offers, Request for repairs, disclosures and inspection reports. The buying checklist provides practical advice or reminder on what to look for when buying or viewing a new property. Don’t want to forget anything?

We are happy to share a downloadable copy of real estate checklist templates that we use within our real estate transaction management solution. Brokermint can simplify the transaction management process with help of multiple checklist templates and rules that would pre-populate due dates for you. The calendar view will highlight important dates such as the estimated date of closing, contingency removals, property inspections, etc. The checklist may also contain contact information for the buyer or seller, escrow officer, real estate agent and Title Company. It’s like a complete solution for your real estate transaction management needs.