Brokermint is providing a free real estate checklist template to assist real estate agents with day-to-day business affairs. Transaction management is the project management of the real estate world.
It’s very important to understand how simple things as transaction checklist can impact your business and make it strive. Here you can get a free copy of our real estate checklist. It’s good for both agents & brokers and covers both listing and buying side of transaction.
A real estate agent checklist is extremely useful to make sure that each real estate property is having all of the necessary items completed before forwarding the file to the broker.  There is so much wasted time when these steps are not in order.

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Brokermint knows that sort of frustration, and so they prove a real estate listing checklist template free of charge for individuals in this industry. Really, there is too much expected of real estate agent now; and it is difficult to keep agents on board in a firm.  The turnover can be horrendous for some firms.

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A free real estate checklist for agents made from the perspective of the broker is an asset in itself. Brokermint did this to show you the added value of going to a cloud based system for all of your main real estate transactions. Once you get used to the convenience of this sort of system, you’ll never want to go back to a paper system again!
Brokermint can automate document requests and agent deadline reminders, it does all of the repetitive transaction management work automatically, letting your staff focus only on the most critical tasks!

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