The checklist management allows to create real estate checklists and setup automated rules for your items.
When we say rules – it means you can tell the system when your items are due. For example you can set it up to be 10 days before closing or 17 days after acceptance, etc.
In order to give you more visibility we’ve updated the checklist management section to display all rules. Navigate to the checklists section and open any of your templates.
real estate checklist
On the right hand side there is a column showing your rules.
Automated Rules and Real Estate Checklist
2-B-LISTING means 2 days Before Listing date
5-A-ACCEPTANCE means 5 days After Acceptance date, etc.
Use drag and drop to change the order of your items
Real Estate checklists and Automated Rules
Once you assigned a real estate checklist to your transaction the system will automatically populate due dates based on your rules. If there are multiple items with the same due date, they will be displayed according to the order defined in your template.

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