One of the biggest hassles in real estate back office management is calculating and managing commissions. However tedious it may be, it’s still necessary in order to attract the best talents.

Brokermint is here to help! Use Brokermint to automatically calculate commissions and simplify commission management. With Brokermint, you can automate commission tracking while branding CDA and individual statements with your logo and company name.

But that’s just scratching the surface of what you can do with commission management! In just a few clicks, you can also:


Instantly see how much to pay each agent for a specific transaction

Review commission structure for any agent

See detailed reports and year-to-date sales volume

Generate disbursement authorization forms automatically

Use sliding scale commission structures with a 100% cap

List other charges and fees, helping you keep track of all possible expenses

Add pre-split and post-split deductions, including outside referrals

Modify commissions on-the-fly, even after they’ve been assigned to a transaction

Generate commission disbursement forms and individual commission statements

Plus, Brokermint integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, so you can automatically transfer your business’ vital financial information to this popular accounting software with ease.

See in seconds which agents are due to be paid and how much. Brokermint makes it easy and stress-free to manage commissions and keep your best talent with lucrative commission structures. Of course, the best way to see this first-hand is through a one-on-one demo. Schedule yours now!

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